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Stefano Renzi 

     Italian luthier who is dedicated to the construction of stringed musical instruments to the restoration and collection of ancient and contemporary musical instruments from all over the world, especially Italians to expand his private collection

For his creations he pays a lot of attention to the acoustic performance which he considers fundamental for any self-respecting musical instrument. After years of study and research, his instruments are increasingly recognized and appreciated both nationally and internationally by many musicians.

The passion for this work pushes him to the continuous comparison with his collaborators and to the search for improvement and perfection following the steps of the modern era while taking into account that the masters of the past are inimitable for the name they gave to the Italian violin making recognized in all over the world as one of the best.

   In the label and in all his musical instruments there are his initials with the initials S.R  which will also be reported in the certificate of originality that accompanies each of his works.

     Graduated from the school of violin making in Pieve di Cento (Bologna) Italy.

 School run in the early 1900s by the Carletti and Orsolo Gotti family.

Graduated in international violin making at the ZENESZOLGALTAT - MUSIKALSCH school founded by Remenyi Ede (Budapest) Hungary, under the guidance of Maestro Stefano Conia who graduated from the Cremona school in 1968.

He has established a collaborative relationship with other luthiers and collectors throughout Italy, especially in Rome and his place of work.